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Break up hilarity

My roommate dumped her partner of 10 years a few months ago. He had chronic mental health issues for almost the entire 10 years, and he wasn't taking his meds anymore, and was convinced my roomie was cheating on him (she was not), and other shitty shitty things.

Anyhow, she has been meeting guys on eharmony and has been going on dates with a few different dudes regularly.


This one guy, let's call him "the tall one" is a car salesman and a super great guy. Since they have been dating she happened to get into an accident (she was not at fault) and when her insurance paid out he got her a car at his dealership for 30% off what normal people pay.

This guy was obviously infatuated with her (not in a creepy way), she really like him, but it was evident after 1.5 months of dating once or twice a week that she had platonic feelings for him, not romantic ones.

Tonight she went over to his place to officially break up. They both wanted to talk to each other about something important, he insists she goes first. So she dumps him. And then he pulls a present out from behind his back.

It is her birthday on the 14th and he bought her a weeks worth of presents, one to open each day for 7 days. AND SHE JUST DUMPED HIM. She tried to get him to keep the presents but he wasn't having any of it, and he made her PROMISE that she would open one each day, not all of them at once, even though they just broke up.


I know this is really bad but I can't stop giggling about it!!!

I feel bad for the tall guy, but they literally have been dating 1.5 months, and seeing each other 1-2 times a week. Plus it is totally obvious that she is WAY into the new guy she is seeing. I should also make it clear that she was very upfront and said she did not want anything serious or exclusive.


ETA:I am officially a terrible person.

Do you guys have any hilarious break up stories ???

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