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I’m defending my diss in a little over a week, and it is in the morning. Tradition dictates that I feed my committee and any guests who come. But, I can’t think of anything that would be good for a morning meeting (for my proposal I brought brie, crackers and grapes - people often bring cookies, my advisor suggested vegetable, crackers and cheese for an afternoon one). The tricky thing is that I’d like to go grocery shopping this weekend, which would mean it would have to be ok for a week. Ideally, I’d do muffins and fruit or something like that - but fruit wouldn’t last, and the muffins would have to be frozen (or made by me, which I’m not gonna do). I was telling a friend of mine today I’m tempted to just put out some kind bars and chobani yogurts!

Any brilliant (vegetarian) ideas? Thanks in advance!!!


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