So my "leaving notes for hot dudes and scoring dates" success/failure ratio just got bumped up from 1:1 to 2:1 (note: the one failure is the product of an incident in which I got roaring drunk with my mom and left the waiter my number). Anyway, it really does work! It's a baller move, and dudes like baller moves.

Anyway, I have a date tonight with my friends' neighbor, whom we rode the building's elevator with and exchanged pleasantries. I thought he was majorly cute and I dug his friendliness, so I put a little note on his door and included my number. There was much girlish giggling. And today, boom, he texts me. I'm meeting him in two hours for dinner.


Semi-related: Man, GT seems to be on fire tonight with positivity! I've been super busy since mid November and haven't been in these parts much, but I seem to remember things being rather bleak here back then. So cheers to whatever planetary alignment pulled us out of it!

(PS: What the hell is "Save as private"? Who would be able to see this post if I only posted privately?)