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Breaking Bad

Ok, a semi-spoiler if you haven't seen the last episode so STOP HERE

The scene where Walt is digging the hole for his barrels of money in the dessert...The moment he hops in the hole after rolling in the first barrel, there's a shot of him with the camera looking down into the hole, a shirt wrapped around his head, the red tail light reflecting off of his face. I wondered if it was meant to mirror Sadam Hussein's capture, so today I did a google image search for photos of Sadam in the hole where he was found. It wasn't at all similar - but the weird thing is that my google image search for "Sadam Hussein captured" found dozens of images of Robert Pattinson.

Question - does Skylar love Walt or does Skylar love the money? And does it really matter? For the first time the entire series, their interests are aligned.


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