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Breaking Bad finale cast reactions (no spoilers except Houle)

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I've seen the episode but respect those who haven't. So this is a post we all can enjoy for it's WOO HOO WE LOVE A SHOW-feeling.


Damn that Kinja can't do Instagram links but I guess we'll focus on the ability to post stories before going all high tech.

Houle wants to know if it's over yet

Gus Fring sends his love from beyond the grave (not to mention how he found electricity)


Interventionist and former Dear John cast member Jere Brown congrats the show and seems to wish Jesse had stayed in NA to keep his role going a little longer

Larry Hankin, aka that old junk yard guy, has the inevitable response

David Costabile, aka Gale Boetticher, says something. I don't know what. But here's his face.


Bob Odenkirk being very graceful and truthful. Seriously, I listened to an old WTF ep where he had just been told about being picked up for 10 of the next season's episodes. He went from comedy writer/producer to actor for the role and you can hear the dedication and pride he was just beginning to get from his role in the show. I'm a die-hard Mr. Show fan and love the learning experience and success the show has brought him.

And Ron Jeremy (because penis) tells us how a finale episode is defined.

p.s. Here's a spoiler-free Instagram of Aaron Paul's reaction. Guess what he says. No seriously, you'll never guess (btw, I don't get sick of this, honestly. I just realized there's absolutely no surprise on what he's going to say).


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