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Breaking Bad: Ozymandias

A few quick thoughts: Spoiler Alert

1. Walt must die. Period. End of.

2. Jesse! My poor, sweet, puppy. What will become of you?! It's all Walt's fault.


3. Walter's rant at Skyler after kidnapping the kids was marvelous for two reasons. First, because he said what all the Skyler haters were saying and it truly showed how vile and wrong it is to beleive that she is some harpy who brought Walter down. Secondly, it showed that even when the chips were down and he has lost all control he still put Skyler and his family first. This is the only nice thing I will allow for that massive douchebag control freak ass.

4. NOW?! Now! Now? Now is the time to leave Walter? Really?! What the ever living fuck is wrong with that man?! The time to disappear was forever ago when you still had money and a family you IDIOT!!

5. Skyler. This is why I dislike you. This. Is why you make me crazy. It only took killing hank to make you leave Walter! After all the shit and horror that beast put you through you call it quits now. Now. Fuck. You should have been done the first time you kicked him out. Jesus, people. Work with me.

6. Good on Jr. someone in that family has to make the right decision. For heaven's sake.


7. Hank you are a bull in a china shop. This is why the Aryan's killed you. Because it didn't occur to your cop brain that Walt would have criminal connections. Who he could call. Idiot.

8. Everyone is an idiot. I love this show so much. Walt must die. Some one must save Jesse. He is the only redeemable character on this show. Save Jesse.


9. Only two episodes left. I predict that Saul Goodman will be the last man standing. Everyone else is dead.

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