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Breaking Bad Predictions SPOILERS OMG THE SPOILERS

Here are my predictions for the last three episodes. Of course, they could be totally changed in six days. I'm basing this on the following observations.

  1. In the final scene no one is actually shot onscreen (I thought Gomie was, but it looked like a few rocks hit him).
  2. Only Walt is assured survival based on the flashforwards. (Dean Norris and Aaron Paul are listed in the imdb credits, but as series stars they are listed whether they appear or not)
  3. The imdb credits for the next episode, "Ozymandias,"
    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt230145… include the actors who play characters Walt either directly or indirectly killed.
  4. Vince Gilligan let it slip that Charlie Rose (yes, Charlie Rose) will appear in the second last episode, "Granite State" (which is of course New Hampshire, tying in with the flashforwards.
  5. The Neo-Nazis, if they survive, need someone to cook pure meth (and Walt is not likely to do it now)
  6. The preview for next week is little more than shots from the gunfight with a voicemail message fom Skyler asking Walt where he is.
  7. In an early episode Walt tried to explain his trip to the desert to Skyler by claiming to go to a sweatlodge.

What follows is a variation on Scorcia McNasty's theory from last week:


Hank and/or Gomez will not survive (sniff), but Walt and Jesse will. Walt will somehow escape and be rescued by people from the native reservation. Wracked with guilt, Walt will ask to psrticipate in a sweatlodge ceremony. During this he will have visions of his various victims. After this, he will somehow escape to New Hampshire (little vague, I'll admit.)


Meanwhile, the neo-nazis realize that Jesse is worth more to them alive than dead, and will kidnap him and force him to cook. Somehow, the story of the blue meth sweeping the Czech Republic will make national news (cue Charlie Rose) and Walt realizes that only one person could do that, and not willingly...

Cue the machine gun in the trunk.

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