AKA 1: A day in the life of boobiechick, pixel and boyfriend. AKA 2: The dominant role in this house is Cat. I offer you pictures.

A few weeks after boyfriend and I first moved in with boyfriend my mom called me "Weird neighbor found a sewing machine for you, he found it at a yard sale and it's very good!" The lack of excitement on the other side of the line didn't escape her and she added "well you never know.. you might have use for it at some point." My mom is fairly proficient with sewing machines but for me it was proof that everyone now expected me to become a housewife of some sort. Something I didn't strive to be. A few weeks after moving in she helped me to set up the machine and shorten some curtains.

Today, 2 years later. I once again set up that decades old machine and took to measuring up our curtains, which had been flowing (bundling up) freely for the past month. This time with a new difficulty level called Pixel. She was with me every step of the way! Being annoying, cute and hilarious, as she is.

Pixel really loves curtains.. After a tiresome day of curtain playing, she decided to lay about on her throne. Only to be thoroughly annoyed by my disturbing her, of course.


2 out of 4 curtains are shorter now, and both of them are crooked by some degree. But I'm happy with them! In the meantime I also cooked pasta (with homemade sauce). Boyfriend spend the day scrubbing the bathroom and toilet, putting extra floorboards in and buying a vacuum.

Now I'm just enjoying my freshly painted nails, playing Last of Us and enjoying a Bailey's.


On that note. I'm looking for either a very light icy pink or pale nude nailpolish color. Anybody have any suggestions?

Tell me, what did you do today?