Did you wake up this morning and say "Wow, you know what I would really love? A sandwich, but worse."

Did you then grab a Hot Pocket for later enjoyment, and stuff aforementioned scalding (yet oddly moist) pocket into your face hole?

Well, bad news, you impoverished gourmand: it was probably filled with "diseased and unsound animals." OOPSIE POOPSIE!

The Nestle company is recalling basically all of the Philly Cheesesteak Hot Pockets due to the use of contaminated meat. Specifically, meat that has been labeled by USDA inspectors as "unsound, unwholesome or otherwise are unfit for human food and must be removed from commerce."


Listen, I have a confession to make...I eat Lean/Hot Pockets all the time. In fact, sometimes I forget I packed one, so it has defrosted in my purse and just....I just eat it straight out of my bag. Lukewarm, soggy, pockets stuffed with artificial cheese and meats.

At those moments, I reflect on both the unwholesomeness of my meal and my life in general. But never, never do I assume that what I am eating has actually been deemed fit for human digestion. My point is...we get the lunch we deserve, not necessarily the lunch we need.