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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Breaking My Work IPAD

What am I up to this fine Monday? Well after being dissed by one of the members (one among many) and having a crisis of faith (so to speak) I decided to introduce myself to the ipad we have for work. And I'm doing my gosh darndest to break it accidentally. I begged for an Android (I swear those things are Luddite proof) but nooooo we have to have Apple. I thought I might attempt to get it synced to my gmail. I did get my gmail account going after a few stops and starts but the whole syncing thing is not a go. I can't make heads or tails of the settings. And some how despite the fact that the person who held my position before lost the former ipad this brand new out of the box ipad is identifying her as the person in My Info. I cannot for life of me change that info. And I have no idea how to make this ipad recognize me and sync my shit up.

Which I am now taking as sign that I have jumped into the wrong damn job. I have been on this job for oh...four months now and I have had oh...three people complain about me. Well, one official complaint about me and two complaints to me that I wasn't doing enough (one of which accused me of batting for the other team i.e. HR). I spend most of my time delivering bad news and then getting shat on for it. I knew this job would be high stress but I didn't realize that I was just going to get shit on regularly. And now this ipad is shitting on me.


It's Monday and I hate everything. I'm four months in and I have no idea why I'm here and what I expect to gain. This job is worse than retail. I mean I've got thick skin, I can put up with shit reigning down on my head like torrential downpour and still cope and move on but this...this...this is like...asking someone to shit on your head, kick you in the teeth, roll you off a cliff and run over you repeatedly. They don't want a solution they want blood. It's savage.

Sorry, I don't post in forever and I when I do I just whine like a hurt kitten. I don't even know where that whole rant came from. Clearly I'm not coping well at all. But I do feel better now. So back to trying to kill this ipad.

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