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Wow! I am sorry, I cannot contain my excitement in order to maintain my journalistic integrity. This is such great news.

As you may remember, I, BurtReynoldsIsMySpiritGuide (or whatever crazy alias I was using at the time), informed all of you of an amazing new troll-zapping technique that I invented. The Bunny Bomb, as I assured my various financial backers, would be a hit. Some of you were skeptical of my findings.


However, today comes the astounding news that our very own Barleychew effectively utilized this technique in her daily commenting duties. And from the looks of it, it was a resounding success!

We here at BRIMSG Enterprises, LLC, LTD would like recognize Barleychew for this great acheivement. Congrats from all of us at BRIMSG Enterprises, LLC, LTD!


(Smilla, I feel like another Golden Starburst Ceremony is called for, to honor the outstanding work of BarleyChew and others who have embraced the Bunny Bomb and it's powerful succews rate.)

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