I follow a lot of plus-size fashion blogs, and this gem comes from one of my favorites, Thrift-o-Rama. She is cute as heck!

She’s the original author of this piece so I’m just going to highlight a few favorites here and direct you to her blog for the rest.

Livestream: Unappealing straight boys crying about insufficient consideration paid to their genitals. Porn and media representation met their poor reality confrontation skills in the middle and now they’re confused as to what women actually look like. More at 11.

A Woman I Personally Find Unattractive Wore a Crop Top and I Found Looking at Her Physically Painful. Turns out I just have appendicitis. The two were unrelated. Force me to look at your body and you force me to misidentify the cause of my symptoms.


I Used to be 140 Pounds, But Then I Saw a Picture of A Fat Girl Smiling on the Internet and Now My Goal Weight Is 600.

This gif is for all the people Thrift-o-Rama’s post is talking about: