The bf got a new job that has weird hours at the beginning of the year. He’s been much busier than he was at his last job, which in and of itself has taken some adjustment, but he’s also become more unreliable, which brings me to my current gripe.

I met up with a friend for a workout last Saturday and afterwards we discussed getting together this coming Friday for dinner with our respective significant others. I checked later that day with the bf and he said that the plan sounded good and that he was in. I texted my friend, confirmed the plan and set up a time/place. Fast forward to last night, the bf tells me that he can’t make it because he has a work event. A work event that had been scheduled prior to my asking him about dinner.

He’s all “You can still go, I’ll meet up with you for drinks or something after I’m done.” First, I know I can still go, but now I have to have an embarrassing conversation excusing your shitty behavior. Second, you will not meet up with us because by the time you’re done with your work thing it will be late and you will be tired. Vague and unrealistic drinks plans do not make up for you making me feel like a fool in front of my friends.

He’s not innately inconsiderate or dishonest and I’m sure that this is just an instance where his calendar got away from him and he accidentally double-booked himself. But this is not the first time and his complete lack of contrition is galling. He’s always got an excuse. It’s never just “I’m sorry. I was wrong. It won’t happen again.”

Thanks for listening GT. I hope your days are off to a good start!