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Breaking Pointe...more diversity BUT. A question about race in performance.

So has anybody been watching Breaking Pointe this season? One of the major criticisms of last season (by me personally, and in the media including this site) was that there was a major lack of diversity. All of the people of color seemed to always be on the edges, and none were in the main narrative. Also, there was this weird bro like insistence of NO HOMO. Anyway, that has changed this season, with an openly gay dancer and a black dancer as major characters.

Great right? Except there was this REALLY STRANGE (maybe racist?) moment in episode 3. Ballet West was casting for Cinderella, and there is this buffoon character Napoleon. Josh, the black dancer, does not get cast for this role for any of the nights and goes to talk to the director. The director says that he is protecting Josh; he does not want him to be the butt of the joke because Josh is African American and that he wants his first bigger role to be dignified and elegant.


WTF! That's just imposing the ideal of the "model minority" onto him! And, as much as the director pats himself on his back for the diversity in his company, he is ultimately still denying Josh this opportunity because of his race! Isn't it better to give him the role than for him to be a random in the corps? As Josh touches on in his confessional, if people laugh at him, it should be for the humorous role, and if they're laughing because he's black than that's THEIR problem.

I find the director's protectiveness really patronizing. There were some smaller comments earlier like Oh I worry for Josh when he's out because Utah isn't a diverse place. Also, it crossed my mind that maybe Adam just didn't think he was right for the role, and made it about race in some weird attempt to soften the blow. Like, oh it's not your dancing, it's because you need special attention and consideration (...because of your race)!

I am not white, and if this happened to me, I'd just feel really terrible. So what do y'all think? We can also talk about the show in general, but please use spoiler tags if we do!

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