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Pretty much a done deal guise.


Whatever, bro.

Texas Republicans—-you are put on warning. We are coming for you. Enjoy your shitty perks while you can.


Texas women in need of health services: You are NOT without hope. We stand for you; we will make sure you have what you need.

Guys, lets get a list together of contact numbers/resources for women in Texas. Let's focus on the fight to overturn this law AND what we can do to help women right now in need of these services.

Protesters not going quietly in the rotunda—FUCK YEA BRING IT ON!!


UPDATE 12:10 am—Protesters in the rotunda refuse to leave; chanting 'The people united will not be divided.'


UPDATE 12:15 am— WHERE IS THE LOCAL MEDIA??? YNN, the 'area's best news source' is running a story about summer league basketball games, as protesters take over the rotunda.

UPDATE 12:20 am BTW this is the bullshit YNN, a news network in Austin WHOSE SOLE FUCKING PURPOSE IS TO COVER STATE AND LOCAL NEWS, has on their channel right now


FANTASTIC Op-Ed by Sen. Wendy Davis. A must read:


FYI- I will personally donate $50 to Wendy Davis' campaign right now, if commenter Eloise Vanian posts a happy cat and/or dog gif to my thread RIGHT NOW.


$50. To help end the persecution of women in Texas. $50 to go to Wendy Davis' campaign for governor. If Eloise Vanian posts that gif, I will post a copy of the receipt of my contribution! Eloise, let's go. GIF ME A CAT/DOG. LET'S DO THIS.

UPDATE 1:21 a.m. I have no idea who this guy is, but apparently it is more important for local TV news to do a story about him than protesters at the rotunda (still going on)


I like his hair, tho. He seems like a cool dude.

UPDATE 1:32 a.m. BOOM the lovely Eloise Vanian posts a gif with a CAT AND A DOG. Sen. Wendy Davis gets $50 from me. Amazing and wonderful.


Also, this gif devoted more actual news coverage to the HB2 protests than most Austin television news outlets. True fact.


2 a.m. I covered this in another Groupthink post, but this is what Austin's YNN, aka 'Your News Now' had on their overnight broadcast while Texas women were being dragged out of the rotunda and protesters filled the streets of Austin.


I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.

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