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Breaking: Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian ambassador

Worth noting:

  • It’s possible this information was not our intelligence - that he might be pissing off one of our allies by doing this.
  • The President is allowed to determine what is and isn’t classified, so he probably didn’t break any laws. However, the President does not have to break the law to be impeached, and vice versa. So if the coalition of colluders on Capitol Hill decided that this exhibited bad judgement, they could use it against him in an impeachment hearing/trial regardless of how legal it is.
  • Apparently he discussed intelligence we have that terrorists were planning on using a laptop to blow up a plane.

This is highly disturbing for all the obvious reasons it would be for any President to do this, and then you add in Trump’s historic inability to understand consequences, exercise discretion, or keep from running his mouth, and it gets terrifying.

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