Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

He actually ended up texting me after 3 whole days of not contacting me at all and a full week + before that of acting weird and disinterested. I had just gotten home from a night out and was a bit drunk. And pissed. Very pissed.

I completely tore him a new asshole and he had all these stupid excuses. He basically tried to hang it all on me and acted like I was simply misreading his signals. He ACTUALLY cited "roaming fees" as one of the reasons he didn't bother to text me for 3 days. Um...ok, dude. Go with that. Maybe the next girl will buy that bullshit. Basically, he couldn't understand why I would be angry with someone that I dated for 3 months not contacting me at all and then drunk texting me at 2am.


As for never asking me to stay the night? OH! He would have LOVED for me to stay the night! He didn't ask me because...well...he had no reason for that. He just put it all on me saying that I should have stayed if I wanted to.

Part of me wishes he had never contacted me again because it's made me feel worse. But God, how much of a fucking dick can you be? I don't know why he couldn't just have the balls to admit that either a. he fucked up or b. he wasn't interested enough to make me a priority. I guess it doesn't matter. Cute ginger is taking me to a MUSEUM in the DAYTIME today. Ciao, wishy washy fucker!

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