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Breakup protocol

As I've posted about many times before, I recently broke up with my boyfriend of over 6 years. The way I deal with breakups (and with my life problems in general) is to pretend like they don't exist - no contact with the ex, avoid talking about it too much, etc. I just got a missed call from him and I really don't want to talk. Is it a dick move if I text him and tell him that, or do I "owe" him this conversation because we were together for so long? If it matters, we've barely talked in the 2 weeks since the breakup.

Thanks in advance for your help! You are all awesome!

ETA: So far the consensus is that I don't have to call him back, but what about texting to tell him I don't want to talk? Do we think I should avoid any and all contact or send a brief text so I don't leave him hanging?


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