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Breakup season?

Is anyone else's friend group going through a lot of breakups recently? My oldest friend (who is in a different city) broke up with her boyfriend about a month ago, and just got together with her (other) ex-boyfriend, which is...not my favorite thing, but I'm trying to be supportive.

One of my best friends in my grad school cohort was broken up with by his long-distance girlfriend over spring break when she came to visit. It was a pretty drawn out and painful break up (they basically spent the entire week breaking up), so despite our efforts to cheer him up, he's seriously miserable.


Then a couple that I'm very close to (my boyfriend's roommate and his now ex-girlfriend) broke up this week. Sadly, my boyfriend (and by extension me) knew before his girlfriend that he was having doubts about the relationship, so she was really blindsided. I've talked to both of them, because they're both good friends of mine, but she's at home visiting her parents for the weekend and he's here, so I went out for drinks with him and my boyfriend last night to try to cheer him up.

I'm pretty surprised by just how sad this made me- it's been so hard watching my friends feel so sad. And even though my boyfriend and I are going strong (in fact, I'm currently much more confident in my relationship than almost any other part of my life, something that definitely would have shocked academically successful but with a non-existent love life me in high school), it's been sort of one of those reminded-of-your-own-mortality moments, if that makes any sense.

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