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So Baby Blue came down with a case of hives on Sunday and today I brought him to the doc. She took one look at him and immediately diagnosed him with an allergy to my breast milk Not something in my milk, or something environmental, but my milk specifically. She recommended putting him on formula. Coincidentally she recommended the same brand she has on her counter for promotional purposes. I called a breast feeding consultant and they said it's extremely rare for a baby to be allergic to mom's milk (rather than something in it) and advised against formula. I am wondering if any of you have any experience with this. He's four weeks and this is the first time he's had a reaction to anything.


(Please don't debate the whole formula vs breastfeeding thing. My choice is my choice and your's is your's, no judgement. I'm just looking for baby allergy advice. I don't want to start a fight.)

ETA a photo of his hives on his poor little belly. :(

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