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So in reading the Jez article on circumcision today, what really struck me was the instantly vitriolic response of anti-circumcision folks in the comments - well, really, the anti-circumcision males.


My goal here isn't to make a value judgment on circumcision - I'm circumcised and I don't have any problem with that, but anti-circumcision advocates at least make some valid points about bodily autonomy and how it relates to feminism (though the angriest men may not be the first to jump on the feminism bandwagon).


What I was really thinking about was how so many anti-circs IMMEDIATELY tear into anyone that even shows the slightest indecision on the issue or (gasp!) questions the anti-circumcision dogma.

So I was thinking, what other groups are so quick to just rip into people that don't agree? Obviously, these are not hard and fast rules - there are plenty of good measured debates on these issues and many that hold these views that are capable of open, honest, fair discussion - but these are some groups that I often see just LOSE IT!!!!:

"Breast is best"



There are undoubtedly more, but I want to open the floor, since these are the ones that just popped into my head. What say you?

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