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Breitbart Hated Trumps Speech Same With Huffington

This is delicious. Breitbart gave Trump the ultimate insult (what Trump would perceive as the ultimate insult with a comparasion to President Obama “blank check” approach. No clue what they mean by “blank check”. Refers to Trump as a “flip flopper” these headings wow. Also blames McMaster.

Firing Bannon so not a good idea.

Also Huffington lambasts him

There are going to be a lot of fiscal conservatives going to be quite upset over “unlimited war” and paying more for Secret Service.


There are a lot of Trump voters who will realize he lied and did what military told him to do which is not changing much.

Careful clicking the Breitbart link it may show up in advertising on your phone etc. I cannot delete link via editing mode. No clue why, using firefox. Chrome won’t let me edit at all.

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