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Brexit/PODEMOS/Le Pen/Sanders/Trump/Syriza/Golden Dawn

Glenn Greenwald recently wrote a great essay that I think everyone should read. All of the recent political movements we have been witnessing are strongly related to one another and are driven by a common cause. Many people are failing to understand the source of, or realize the scope of the rebellion/uprising that is currently underway on a near global scale. Greenwald writes about the behavior of the media. Instead of examining the actual problems that the media has played a very strong part in creating and establishing, the media in many cases is blaming and smearing the victims.

Half of the United States and Europe did not suddenly turn racist* and become stupid. I would urge everyone to sit back and consider how the policy actions of the last several decades have affected hundreds of millions of people before seizing on the narrative that is being spoon fed to us and labeling a Trump supporter or Brexit voter ignorant or bigoted. This community is more than capable of studying and understanding a suite of causes and effects. Observe. Think. Come to your own conclusions-do not let others dictate those conclusions.


*Yes, before anyone points this out, I am well aware that there are actual racists out there and involved in what is going on-the point is that there are other more significant drivers.

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