The A.V. Club just published a new installment on their series HateSong, where they ask various people to describe what they hate about a song of their choosing - and Brian Posehn makes it brilliantly about how popular, beautiful, skinny artists sing about weight.

The video itself is about various different situations in which people feel alone - a young cancer patient, a wallflower at a party, kids when their parents are fighting, etc. But Posehn focuses on one particular image in the video - a girl who's overweight at a party deciding she's a Firework so she's willing to take off her clothes and be in her bikini like the rest of the girls there.’s how I felt in high school. I felt like the fat girl at every party. And blah, blah, blah, aren’t people terrible, you should be yourself and you’re a firework and you’re going to light up the sky! And it’s great to tell young girls that, but she’s the wrong girl to be telling girls that. You know what I mean? I mean if Linda Perry wrote it—she’s really unattractive—and, if she had Pink sing it—Pink is a man that dresses like a lady sometimes. If Pink sings that song, you’re like, “Oh, yeah. This is for me; this is for gross people.” But when Katy Perry sings it, there’s a little bit of, “Hey, you don’t know what it’s like to be a plastic bag or a fat girl. Shut up.”

While I'm not sure Pink falls under "gross" (and honestly I have no idea who Linda Perry is), I think it's an important point to be making - it's really easy to say from the point of popularity and conventional attractiveness that everyone is beautiful and you all just need to be yourselves and everything will be okay. Interestingly enough, he has no problems with "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera, claiming the lyrics as the reason ("my problem is that it’s her and, you’re right—how simplistic the lyrics are. It feels like the Disney Radio version of “Beautiful.”") but I'm not so sure about that; I personally don't see much of a difference between Aguilera and Perry in terms of gorgeous, popular front, so I'm not sure there's really a distinction there beyond him going into this not liking her or the song while he liked Aguilera so obviously her song isn't as bad to him.

This is always how I feel when I hear Taylor Swift singing about what it's like to be a freshman in high school. At least she's honest about it though - instead of claiming that she was awkward and everyone hated her, she sings about seniors seeing her in the halls and hitting on her. Ah well - so many ways to be annoying as a pop star!