According to CNN and other online news outlets. The news seems to be Williams will land at MSNBC. I have a hunch Williams at 8pm, Chris Hayes at 7pm, Matthews at 6pm. There has been reports on and off that MSNBC really wants to dump Reverand Al since he tends to create news and is a distraction. Being an election year this is my hunch this is what they will do. Personally I would move Hayes to 10pm and move O’Donnell to 7pm. Ideally I would move Melissa Harris Perry to 7pm, Hayes at 6pm and move Matthews to the weekend slot. I used to love watching Matthews but he is getting so stale and well dull. I would also dump Ed, he is a screamer and I find him annoying. I would then move Alex Wagner to 11am and make 4 to 6pm a straight news block with Tamron Hall.