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Laaaadiiieezzzzz, are you getting married? Have you heard about the newest trend in ridiculous marriage rituals? Did you think boudoir shoots were weird enough? Shit just got weirder, because you're now expected to get naked with your friends, sisters and that cousin you don't reeaaaally like but your mom made you make her a bridesmaid. Get ready to get on your tippy-toes and squish yer boobies against those people's backs (and fronts!).

Nope. Nopenopenope. I mean, if you want to get boudoir shots done, that's cool. Not for me! But you do you! But asking your friends to drop trou with you seems ... presumptuous. Also, if my friend wanted to have group boudoir photos taken, I'd be kind of terrified about where they'd end up. Are they for the bride's fiance? Everyone's boyfriends/girlfriends? Just us? Framed over the Naked Ladies Clubhouse mantle?


(Actually that last one sounds awesome)

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