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Bridal shower "etiquette"

My sister/mom are throwing one of my bridal showers (apparently i have to have 2, WHY????????)

My mom was Facebook messaging me about their plans and said "Sunday April 6th okay for shower? Not going to do a couple shower, just girls. Keeping it old school......LOL"

First of all, mom, why are you loling. Second of all why can't suhhhiance come? She kept saying "girls only" which she knows i hate. I really really hate 'etiquette' and 'rules' of anything having to do with getting married. Our wedding is following NO RULES so i'm confused why she is bringing this stuff up.


Then she says :"Trying to follow some etiquette rules. Of course we're breaking the rule of family throwing the shower. Suhhhsister is maid of honor and most of the time they are the ones to host it."

What?? Is this really a thing?

Who made up these dumb rules and why?

I'm so over it right now, i am whatever the opposite of a "bridezilla" is. Alternate question: How do i get out of going to my own bridal shower?

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