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I hate bridal showers (just not really my scene).

I hate shower games (not really my thing).

I have to plan games for my friend's shower (this Friday).

Ok so what I have so far: truth and lie. Each person tells one truth and one lie involving them and the bride. Everyone writes down which they think is the truth. Whoever gets the most correct wins. I need two more games. I have prizes already; three really sappy movies to pick from. Bride loves sappy movies and I've always picked on her for that. In a loving way.


I'm hoping my fellow GTers have been to many showers. (I'm so, so sorry for you. Unless you like showers in which case, yay! Party!) Any awesome game ideas?

As payment I offer a photo of one of the kitties that lived in my room with me for a while. Um, and a NSFWish angle of another of my one-time r0ommmate kitties.

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