So I'm one of 4 bridesmaids and there is a MOH (so 5 of us total). Due to the bride's extremely busy schedule, she only has June off to do any wedding planning with us and for us to throw her a bridal shower & bachelorette party. Her wedding is this August.

Anyway, we're currently planning a bridal shower for her in 2 weeks. However, one of the bridesmaids is going out of the country for all of June, basically rendering her useless as a bridesmaid because she isn't even trying to give us input or helping us out in anyway for planning this bridal shower. She hasn't offered to do anything for it at all.

The thing is, the bride had let us know in advance that June was the only month she had time off to do any wedding planning. This bridesmaid who will not be attending the bridal shower knew that, but she has to leave the country that month because her parents want her to visit them in their home country. Which I understand, but I don't've committed to being a bridesmaid. Do your fucking part, and at least give us ideas. Or go visit your family in July? I know I sound mean, but she just nonchalantly lay this on us not too long ago. This also means that she'll miss trying on our final dresses and saris, makeup and hair consultations, etc. that we have planned in June (and that she was TOLD about in advance).

Anyway, the major problem comes with the fact that we want her to still contribute (monetarily) to the bridal shower, even if she's not here. She barely interacts with us when we're planning things, so I don't know what she thinks, but I sure as hell hope she contributes some money into this. We're all young and fairly broke 21-23 year-olds. So how do we approach this? What should we say? What if she refuses to contribute? She seems really flaky.