So September will be my second time as a bridesmaid. The Maid of Honor who lives 3,000 miles away from the bride, the bridal party, and the bride's family. Is trying to organize the wedding shower which she won't even be attending other than through "Face Time".

Okay so I've only been in one other wedding and the bride's mother planned the shower. Which was just a backyard bbq thing with all the men folk there as well. The only bridal shower part was when we did presents. I was the only bridesmaid in attendance because the bride was visiting home and the rest of the bridal party lived far away.

I seriously can't afford to do much towards a bridal shower. Maybe 100-150 dollars. There's 4 other bridesmaids who will probably be present for the event. The shower is also supposed to be a "surprise" (seriously you're getting married, you're fiancee tells you to look nice and won't tell you where you're going I'm guessing you know what to expect) so I can't even talk to the bride. 2 of the bridesmaids I know slightly, not even Facebook friend status. The rest I don't think I've ever met. I'm pretty friendly with the bride's mom.

Is this normal that bridal parties plan the shower and not the bride's family? I also feel so embarrassed having to bring this up with the Maid of Honor, because she's a fancy lawyer and I'm still just about living paycheck to paycheck. The bride is one of my favorite people in the world and it would kill me not to be in her wedding.