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Bridesmaid Rant/Checking social protocol

So I'm one of six bridesmaids for a wedding in September. So far relatively easy, surprise shower for the bride was relatively no fuss, the MOH and bride send everything in emails rather than crazy mass texts. Dress and shoes were all easy and affordable, so far an easy bridesmaid experience. Bachelorette weekend away is coming up, but we got a cheap place and I love the beach, and the bride is even reminding ME that our first night is my birthday and apparently she's planned something even though it's just my 29th.

Here's the rant: Last night I get an email from the MOH who is getting the bride and groom a REHEARSAL DINNER GIFT. REALLY? This isn't a thing right? I can bow out of this. Because fuck that. Granted it's different bottles of wine/booze for the bride and groom. She's attaching labels of "Firsts" that way when they have a "First" occasion after they're married they celebrate with the attached bottle. GOD DAMN YOU PINTEREST.


I got her a shower gift, I bought the dress and shoes, I'm staying in the hotel for two nights. I'm going to the bachelorette weekend (that's more for me, because I love the beach and Geekboy hates the ocean). I'm probably going to get my hair at least blown out. Tell me I'm not "bad" bridesmaid and that this is a bit much.

Also seriously if you tell me "Why did you agree to be a bridesmaid" because the BRIDE is my friend of over 10 years not the MOH who came up with this REHEARSAL DINNER GIFT BS.

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