Just caught this video on CNN with Helen Fielding and I found her take on the whole women and parenting thing quite interesting. I'm still chewing on this exchange:

Wallace:As a mom, as a writer, as an observer, why do you think we've gotten to this point where we, as women, feel we have to be perfect at work, perfect at home and perfect in every way?

Fielding: I think it's sad that that's happened. And I think Bridget's done something to make people feel it's all right to be human and kind and fun and, you know, keep buggering on, muddle through — and that's something I feel really, really proud of.

I'm not sure if Bridget can help break the perfect thing, but at least it's a step??

Here's the link to more of the interview, and as a SoCal person, i miss Michaela, NY give her back!!! pweeze! :)