Leo Burnett did an ad for a UK non-profit that assists people re-entering the workforce after being released from prison. It's an ad showing a person who's been released from prison on a job interview, talking about the skills he has and how he just needs a chance. If you hit the "skip ad" button, then you're forced to watch video again, but it's a different version where the interviewee becomes more desperate, pleading to be taken seriously and given an opportunity. He gets more desperate each time you click "skip ad".

I was really moved by the ad and the concept alone; it's an issue that I don't often think about. Though it's an add done in the UK, the concept applies here in the US, too - we talk about the purpose of jail as being partially rehabilitative, yet the people who leave prison rehabilitated have a hard time finding someone to give them a chance to prove it. I'm not in a hiring position and wouldn't have thought about it whatsoever. It's such a clever, effective use of the "Skip Ad" button, highlighting a population that's skipped over.