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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Bring it ON, Monday!

Good morning my beautiful Groupthinkers! I am in an obscenely good mood and just wanted to spread it around to all of you lovely people.

Any of you who are in DC have probably been appreciating our beautiful weather, because oh Lordy has it been fantastic this weekend! Coming in to work this morning and having it be sunny but with a nice cool breeze put an extra spring in my step (with an assist by this venti pumpkin spice latte I'm still nomming). Being able to actually sit outside in the evenings and only worry about bugs - even then not so much depending on where you are! - has been totally awesome, and is reminding me why I actually stay in this city. Clearly I need to just rent a summer cabin in Vermont or something to escape to during DC Summer aka Hell on Earth so as to stay sane.


Not even having my mother make bad jokes at me has killed my mood! I might get to buy my dad's old car, and when we were talking about that on Saturday she decided a really great joke was "But I'm considering not letting you unless you move west! Hahaha funny joke!" <— no mom, you already try to manipulate me by holding various things hostage, NOT COOL. But I didn't lose it, I just said that would be not okay while laughing at her, we had a good conversation, and I didn't hang up wanting to scream!

Saw many old friends yesterday, which more than made up for two hours of middle/upper class heterosexual conservative white dudes bloviate on what it means to be an American (apparently, having children out of wedlock is un-American. This is actually a thing that was said. More than once.) using dead white guys to support their arguments. Oh, oldest collegiate debating society in the country, how I can never decide whether I love or hate you. You make me think wearing four inch stiletto heels for almost seven hours is a good idea, and I still go back to you. Sigh.


The idea of a government shutdown? Frustrating, but also not ruining my mood! Heck, I could use a day or two to unfuck my apartment! Vacations are great, but I always manage to destroy everything in the process of packing and unpacking, so I need to just buckle down and do it. Maybe then I'll finally start watching Star Trek...

Life is grand, my friends! Tell me all of the things that are going well in YOUR life, and let's cheer the world up a bit! If you need me, I'll be frolicking around a field of wildflowers with my pet unicorn, George!

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