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right here. Bring it here so we can laugh & "save" & steal to deploy later.

My town, my backward little backwater, has the most kooky fucked~up FUN parade ever. This backwater town I couldn't wait to leave has the best St. Patrick's Day Parade. In every way. I go every year because it's the kooky best.


We get the BEST bagpiper bands from around our state & the next because they all love our kooky, fucked up town too. I run in to people I love every year that I haven't seen in ages. Plus, my sisters & current friends.

Our town was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Leveled & swept out to sea. You would never know it today.

A true shit show in the best way. Plus, the parade floats throw candy. CANDY!!

M'kay, gif me anything, but I'm gonna start...

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