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British writer Jonathon Aycliffe what else did he write thats good, spoilers for Naomi's Room

I found a while ago his book Naomi's Room. I started it last night.








The first 2/3rds is beyond belief creepy. Overall really, really good. Not a long novel at just over 200 pages. I loved how the book is written in the present over a course of a night and the main character, a married college teacher, reflects back on 20 years of his house being haunted by numerious ghosts and a loved one. The novel sometimes jerks you back into the present with lines like "the clocked stopped ticking", "I am alone yet footsteps in attic" and "Naomi is behind me but I don't want to turn around and see what she looks like". 20 years prior he and his daughter Naomi went shopping on Christmas Eve and he made the fateful, tragic mistake of turning his back to her.


The book asks the question how can one leave a haunted house when one ghost is a loved one.?

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