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Britty44 Seems To Have Been Had By Christian Right Propaganda Story

Britty44 who does otherwise fantastic ghost hunter videos also tells “real life” ghost stories. I do not believe in ghosts but I believe in consistancy and logic.

Its about a group of young women who play with their Ouija Board. After having days of no luck they contact a spirit. This spirit is a spirit of a fetus. They talk to it via through the board.


So let’s think a spirit of a fetus.

How? Let’s see a spirit of a child haunting a home will act like a child. This is seen from story to story. A spirit is also the remains of a dead person. Spirits are not those of the living.


So we are suppose to accept a spirit of a fetus can spell, knows English, has coherent thought process, spirit of a living thing.

So then this brings up a question. Is a spirit an alien that enters the bodies of fetuses? So a spirit could not then be a remnant but more of a hitchhiker that leaves a body upon death. A remnant would have the same knowledge base as the person since its a part of the person. An alien hitchhiker its possble to know English, have coherent thoughts and communicate in complete sentences. A fetus could not nor could a baby.


Also all these ghost (spirit and ghost I am defining as same) are all apart. There is no “union” that except for inside a house ghosts do not interact wth other ghosts. Yet thus ghost is being punished for communicating. The fetus says she will be punished. How do we get from ghosts being highly individual with no connections with other ghosts outside a house to having an organization that punishes ghosts.

Its a interesting story but fails completely the logic test.

Also this story reminds me of an antichoice propaganda story nuns would say in late 70s and 80s. Its a diary of a female fetus. This fetus has all these thoughts about what she and her mother will do, pick flowers etc. The last line is “today my mother killed me”. This story utterly makes no sense. Pure bullshit. An ounce of working brains should tell you “this makes no sense”.


This story which Britty believes is a true story by someone has the exact same smell of antichoice propaganda. Unlike the diary story this story the young women went to the hospital to be told there were complications and the fetus died.

Also her latest video is scary as hell if you believe in ghosts. Britty says a ghost may have followed her home from her ghost hunting trip at a hotel. I actually wonder if her belief in ghosts is causing paranoia or she has an underlying issues. It does not seem normal to want to be dragged by a ghost, pushed down stairs or worse pushed out a window. People tend to not wannt to be physically nor mentally abused. It it could all be a performance although she seems sincere. This is her latest video where she talks about the ghost that followed her home. Its scary.

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