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Brittany comes across as a very kind good person who has a passion for the paranormal. She talked about this doll she was going to buy but did not.


I do want to say dolls especially older ones are exceedingly hard to sell I know some Consignment and Antique shops which avoid dolls like a plague. I theorize thus haunted doll fad is a way to make money they otherwise would not.

So Brittany talked about this doll she was going to buy. The doll had the spirit of a woman who was murdered by her husband decades ago. The doll was shy and hard to open up about her story. Yes how does a doll communicate their tale.

If I was Brittany I would have asked for the victim’s first and last name and year of death then googled.

Yet this seems so exploitive.Exploitive as in making money on tragedy but also duping kind hearted people who will believe the story and buy the doll so they can be good to it. Brittany seems to be in that catagory.


She did not buy the doll since the seller indicated the doll was shy. Brittany was going to include it with her other dolls on camera.

She is buying another about a young girl that died.

Also isn’t this akin to selling people? If a doll has the spirit of a person then aren’t you selling people?

I do not know if the belief in paranormal is.offshoot of the fundie movement or different?


I found this etsy page which may or may not be the one selling the dolls Brittany wanted. Some of the descriptions are head scratchers. Aura, sweet personality, hard working etc

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