Bro VV, who I love and would totally incorporate into Venture Bros. cosplay (even though he's not down), is 21 today!

Ah, Bro VV. He's the best brother in the world. Even though I've only seen him a total of four hours this year (he goes to college a million-ish miles away), I feel like I see him everyday. Because we text all the time. Words cannot express how special he is to me, and how proud I am of him, every damn day.

Some memories and cool shit about him:

  • We used to have a secret language. It was quotes from The Simpsons.
  • When when I was 7 and he was 5, we would watch Star Wars every weekend and play "Millenium Falcon" as well. It's on tape. Adorable.
  • He actually walked into my room when I was at the lowest point of depression and talked to me about how great I am and how I shouldn't give up, and gives me motivation and good advice every day.
  • How he became the most normal person in our family is beyond me.
  • Growing up, we knew no kids our age. So we've always been, and will always be, best friends.
  • He would shoot flaming arrows off the top of our house. Because he's a badass.
  • Smart as a damn whip.
  • Rides a motorcycle.
  • We are Hank and Girl-Dean. Because he is The Bat.
  • He wore a cape from age 3 to age 8. Because, again, The Bat. This was before The Venture Bros.
  • Rugby player. Also about 6'5". Picks me up every time we hug.
  • And did I mention he's a badass?

I got him a flask with Brock Samson laser engraved on it. Christmas I got him a Brock Samson action figure. It's in his room in his frat. Also, he respects women, would fight for me as I would fight for him, and he's the only person in my life and family that gets me. I cry every time he says it's all going to be ok.




I had to brag. Love that kid. Can't imagine life without him.

I'm not crying, I have something in my eye...