So last night I went on a second date with nice cute okc guy.

Our first date went from 10pm to 8am and was really great. We got sushi and went back to his apartment. His cat is SO FUCKING CUTE. We did all kinds of fun things and eventually had sex. Unfortunately, it wasn't very good. I thought, ok he's nervous/it can be weird to sleep with someone for the first time. He told me that he couldn't orgasm through penetrative sex. Not a big deal for me but he seemed to have difficulty maintaing an erection. I attributed this to nerves as well.

This morning we woke up and cuddled and I wanted to have sex again before leaving, partially to see if things improved. Same issue as last night: he went soft/half hard even with me on top. So, I don't really know how he is in bed.

How do I approach something like this? I doubt he just doesn't notice. I like him and he's really sweet but good sex is pretty important to me.