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So Fusion published like the 50 thousandth article about how the Democrats have no coherent message and I have opinions about it. There are already a million comments over there and I want to have this conversation so I thought I’d have it here...My thoughts are:

First off, it’s unfair to say we have no message. We have a message, it’s just not resonating with a certain *key* demographic of voters. Hint: those voters are mostly Republican. So, I really take issue with having these conversations as if The Voters Have Spoken when we are suffering at the hands of voter suppression, gerrymandering, and Citizen’s United.

Secondly, I don’t really feel like rehashing Hillary vs. Bernie over and over. I mean, you feel free to do it but Hillary was unpopular because reasons valid and invalid and Bernie had a group of rabid supporters because of both sexism and message and he may or may not have won against Trump who knows.


So like, to every negative person saying we have no message, I ask, what is the Republicans’ message? What makes us sooooo inferior to them, messaging-wise? Their message that got through to *key* demographics was economic justice being a fucking xenophobic racist. There is nothing as cohesive as hatred. The voting numbers show it - the people who voted for Trump were white and they were relatively affluent. Perhaps the economic message resonated with some of them but they were educated and smart enough to know their ass from their elbows. A few of them in the swing states were coal miner wannabes but mostly? Fairly wealthy suburbanites in the greater metro areas of cities. Remember the primaries? Trump wiped the floor with his primary opponents because of being an obnoxious fucking racist. Because he said shit out loud. They were all saying the normal Republican shit, and he basically chewed it up and spit it out in a more racist way. And they loved him.

Then what is our message? I absolutely will not abide criticism about attempts to be a “big tent” party - that comes with challenges but the other option is to start kicking people out of the tent, and we all know that those will be the people who are barely in there in the first place - people of color and immigrants and poor people and to a lesser extent, women in general.

When I hear we need a more solid message, I hear: we need to homogenize our party and force everyone to prioritize the same thing.


I don’t know the answers. Maybe “healthcare for all” will resonate after the Republicans either actively or passively destroy healthcare? Maybe wealth redistribution will matter more? I don’t know, but what I do know is that I refuse for us to compare strategies to the GOP as if we should possibly strive to have anything in common with them.

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