In exciting news for those of us who love the theater but can’t always make it to the biggest stages, the first live-stream of a Broadway production is happening on June 30: 8-time Tony nominee She Loves Me, starring Laura Benanti, Jane Krakowski, and more.

I believe this show will be added to their on-demand library, after the initial broadcast event.

A live stream pass is just $9.99 for this one show, but I think this will tip me over into buying a one-year subscription to BroadwayHD! And I hope my few dollars help contribute toward more such streams. Will still make it to Broadway every few years, and support the fantastic touring companies* as well as local productions — but this is an exciting new option, IMHO.

[* The two leads I saw in the touring company of Wicked — Vicki Noon (Elphaba) and Rachel Potter (Glinda), the latter of whom was an UNDERSTUDY!!! — were BETTER than the two I saw on Broadway (who were replacements, not Menzel/Chenowith, obvs). Potter ended up on Broadway just weeks later, as a replacement in The Addams Family. They were so, so good.]