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BroApp- Texting your Girl so you Don't Have To!

My boyfriend just texted me, "BRB, downloading this."

Followed by:

BroApp, a super helpful app that will "message your girlfriend sweet things so you can spend more time with the bros."


Their awesome byline: "BROAPP IS YOUR CLEVER RELATIONSHIP WINGMAN!" (capitalization mine.)

The best part, hands down, is the reviews.
Connor gave it four stars and said:

Ok, Need an option to send to more than one ;) The app sounds promising, I'd like it to message more than one contact! that would be a real bro!


It sure would be Connor.

The first review gave it five stairs and pontificated:

It works.

Sure does, Christopher.

This thing is fantastic in its ridiculousness. Ladies of GT, how would you feel if you found out that super romantic winky face, that sweet little "what's up babe?" that made you decide he is the one, turned out to be a function of the BroApp?

I mean, downloading an app that will send a note saying "Miss you :)" is the same as them missing you, right?


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