Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So last week I posted that my bf didn’t want to have sex with me because he was afraid he’d hurt my foot. But this week he hurt his back so I spent Friday night trying to take care of him, even though he’s a horrible patient. Saturday morning we wake up and he’s teasing me, getting handsy, and while I’ve been begging for sex all month I was the one who pulled away for fear of hurting HIM. I think that combo of my caring and his machismo was all it took, so he was like “oh yeah??” and decided to show me how OK he was. Immediately after he was like “oh my back! oh woe is me!” of course.

But at least we both got what we wanted all along, heh

Backstory: bf and I are in a D/s relationship, so while his behavior might seem douchey on the outside it’s totally consensual.

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