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Have you ever heard of Broken Age? It’s a game by Double Fine, a videogame company that got tons of hate from Gamergaters because its founder called them out. They have been doing stuff like mass downvoting the game on steam, spreading misinformation about the game (like, they claim that people who baked it up on kickstarter had to pay again for Act II, that’s obviously not true), and generally using any venue (youtube, tumblr, forums and communities including kinja, etc etc) to attack the company and its games.

Oh dear...

Anyway. Broken Age. It’s the story of two protagonists: a boy who is a prisoner in a golden cage (an AI-controlled spaceship, where the computer thinks he is her son and wants to keep him safe at all costs, preventing him from doing *anything* that might ever possibly in any shape or form be remotely dangerous, like cooking or going out or making non-plush friends), and a girl who is going to be offered as a human sacrifice to a monster and keeps thinking “ok but what if we fought the monster?”


It’s funny, interesting, and heartwarming. Also black woman protagonist and surprise lesbians :)

If you like point&click adventure games, you may be interested in knowing that BA is currently on 75% sale ;)


Just... fair warning, while the puzzles in Act I are very easy, some of the puzzles in Act II are generally considered unfairly difficult. You may want to keep in mind that there is no shame in checking a walkthrough :P

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