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Broken clock?

Isn’t David Brooks an asshole? I think he’s the one who wrote a lot of the inflammatory and offensive NYT opinion pieces over the years. Well I think he managed to get it right with this last one.


I’m not psyched about Biden. He was pretty far down the list of my choices (I mean, above Tulsi...). That said, it seems like he could benefit us in this election. He’s more popular among that white working class everyone loves to talk about, that largely supported trump in the past. I hope he doesn’t go too far catering to them, but I think it’s decent strategy that he’s refocusing things like climate change on job creation rather than our moral need to protect the planet. He’s reframing liberal talking points in ways that many conservatives will agree with. As long as he lands in the right place, sure, avoid discussing ideology in an age where people’s ideologies are so divided.

As a side note, bearddamnheroes envisions a future where the Democratic party splits into progressive and centrist wings, with the centrist wing then capturing many disillusioned former Republicans. So then we're left with three parties - far left, center, and far right. I don't know if he's right - we've been a two party system so damn long I don't know if people can even imagine the change - but it's an interesting idea. 

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