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It will probably always piss me off when a guy I am friends with ignores me when he talks to other, prettier, girls. This has happened to me more than once, and I admit that it's tainted my relations with men.It brings me back to when I was a young girl in art camp, and some boy said with full sincerity that I wasn't a girl, but a "Liz".Even though I wear skirts and dresses and act almost stereotypically feminine, I have been ignored as a woman or even a person sometimes.It's damaging and it hurts. My confidence has been shattered by these recurring moments, and all I can do is pick myself up by myself.
This is why I have such strong feelings for the humanization of people and experiences. To be dehumanized taints the way you relate to the world because people just don't know where you belong so they ignore you.You, however, know you are as real as the people getting " the human treatment".This cognitive dissonance follows you forever.Sometimes you start hating yourself for not being human enough. Other times, you get angry at the proper target.I've yet to reach that stage, but I'd like not to care. I'd like to believe we can grow or evolve to treat people as people.The evidence, however, has not been seen on a first-hand basis.


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