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Watching the Tony Awards always, without fail, makes me cry. Whether it's with hilarity or sorrow of some unrealized dream, it's because I'm reliving my theatre past.

Competitions. Rehearsals. Companies. Touring. Auditions. Laryngitis. Laryngitis again.

26 Signs You Grew Up Doing Children's Theatre.

I would have sworn back then that I was doing life's most important work ever in the entire universe. Instead, theatre did its most important work on me. It gave me my voice, my confidence, my backbone. (Yay! Kinky Boots got the Big Ass Tony Award!) I try to remember that feeling, the confidence of being on stage, when my anxiety gets the better of me. Yeah, I'm a theatre kid. I was a theatre adult, too, until reality imploded my world. (NPH just rapped. Rapped. Can he host every year, please?) Nowadays, I might recite "Who's on First" if I'm a tadly bit too sloshed, or I'll antagonize my cat by following him around the house singing a Rodgers and Hammerstein song. (Don't feel too sorry for him. He sings back.)


Anyway. Where my theatre folk at?! Horror stories? Happy stories? Tony rehashin'?

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