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A group of Newport Beach high school boys took turns plucking folded papers with numbers written on them. The lower their number, the better their odds of landing a prom date with the girl of their choice.

Casting aside the tradition of actually asking someone on a date, some male students at affluent Corona del Mar High School say they select prom dates in an NFL-style draft — selling first-round picks to those eager for a top selection.

I understand about it seeming like [it's] objectifying women," he said, "but when girls ask guys, most of the time they are looking for looks as well in their prom dates."

In 2009, the American Civil Liberties Union sued the school, alleging that the campus fostered a sexist and homophobic atmosphere. The civil rights suit stemmed from an incident in which three male athletes at the school posted a video on Facebook in which they allegedly used homophobic slurs, "outed" a student and threatened to rape and kill a female student.

School officials were accused of not adequately responding to the video.

That same year, the high school canceled a production of "Rent," but relented and let the show go on after widespread media coverage.


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