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I know that the Greek System gets a bad rap-especially the bad frats and 'bros'-but my brother got into one at his school! He needs it, because he's kinda shy around other people, and I'm really proud of him for putting himself out there. That being said, I had 'the talk' with him.

I told him that first, he must respect ALL the women who come to the house. Regardless of level of intoxication, etc. I told him that if he sees another guy-brother or not-harass or look like he is going to do something to a girl, he has to intervene. I also told him to never do anything that makes him uncomfortable, and to stick up for others. And if he sees something, he needs to call the cops, no exceptions. And if the cops don't do shit, to ask the person who was hurt/had anything done to them (words sound wonky, but I just woke up) if they're comfortable getting a lawyer, etc (our parents could always use the business! But in all seriousness, they'd jump to help pro bono). Above all, I told him, while the system is supposed to be about brotherhood, humanity is about helping and protecting people, and everyone deserves respect.


I didn't really need to tell him this, because he's a really good guy (almost said boy, but he's not a kid anymore). When he went to France, he got a family friend out of a club when she looked like she couldn't handle it anymore. He was raised right, but I know that some guys aren't, or they have some serious entitlement issues. He goes to a pretty liberal school, so I hope there aren't many problems. I was a sorority girl myself and I never had any problems, but there were some close calls.

I'm really proud of him though. He has a lot of anxiety issues, so I know this was hard for him. But apparently he's the house chef now, and also makes the best jungle juice. I love my little bro.

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